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Archive: October, 2006

Undergraduate Research Page

The library classes web page is being redesigned to provide more emphasis on research helps. We will change the focus of the library classes web page to highlight helpful research tools and guidance through the research process. An added feature will be an assignment calculator that lets students see how much time they will need …

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Reference Desk Information added to Subject Pages

Reference desk information will be added to the subject pages. This will help students and others to quickly identify a reference desk that can give them help on their research needs as well as the subject librarian who can answer more sophisticated research questions. For an example of what the pages will look like see …

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Databases A-Z List

The current “Databases A-Z” page lists all of the library’s databases in one long list. We are going to be testing different ways of displaying the databases on this page to 1) make the page load faster and 2) offer multiple ways of accessing databases so that you can pick the easiest one for your …

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FAQ Updates

We are in process of updating the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). When the pages are updated we will let you know here. If you have any comments or questions regarding the FAQs, please comment here.