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Undergraduate Research Page

The library classes web page is being redesigned to provide more emphasis on research helps. We will change the focus of the library classes web page to highlight helpful research tools and guidance through the research process. An added feature will be an assignment calculator that lets students see how much time they will need to spend on each part of their paper to complete it by the deadline. If you would like to see an example of an assignment calculator please go to the University of Minnesota web page, http://www.lib.umn.edu/undergrad/

Students and faculty will be able to link from the “Undergraduate Research” page to a library classes web page with information for students and faculty in First Year Writing and Advanced writing. The pages will focus on requirements and procedures for the classes. We will also include the LIIL classroom schedule and advanced writing rolls on this page. Information for librarians will be moved to the intranet.

The Library Instruction committee will be directing the changes to these pages and their recommendations will be presented to the Web Working Group.