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Pilot a search capable of returning valid relevance results across all library assets including those “hidden” in databases. Google offers a tool called the Google Search Appliance which enables detailed indexing and searching of content based on the organization’s needs and wants. Currently, Google searches only what is directly visible within a few “clicks” of the organization’s homepage (e.g. www.byu.edu). Additionally, Google does not search any database requiring search terms to be submitted to an engine. The Google Search Appliance can be used to direct internal searches of an organization’s content, including content that is not visible either because it is behind a firewall or because it requires a search interface. The value of Google’s approach is that there is a single consistent index. Our current federated search returns inconsistent results from a variety of sources, which is the cause of some of the problems in Webfeat. The single consistent index permits better relevance results and faster response time. The object will be to determine whether this product is worth the expense.