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Creepy Seasonal Entertainment @ The Library

Thanks to Robert Maxwell in the cataloging department for this fun guide to holiday research!

It’s time for a reminder about how to find creepy entertainment appropriate to the season in your favorite library!

From the Library home page click on Find Books, then Search the library catalog.

Click on Alphabetic Search

In the search box enter one of the following:

for reading:
Adventure stories
Detective and mystery stories
Ghost stories
Gothic fiction (Literary genre)
Horror plays
Horror tales
Occult fiction
Romantic suspense fiction
Spy stories
Suspense fiction

for films:
Alien films
Batman films
Dark comedy films
Disaster films
Doctor Mabuse films
Dracula films
Film noir
Frankenstein films
Gangster films
Ghost films
Godzilla films
Haunted house films
Horror films
King Kong films
Mad scientist films
Monster films
Mothra films
Mummy films
Vampire films
Werewolf films
Zombie films

CLICK ON GENRE/FORM (do NOT just hit enter)

After entering the search, you can browse forward in the list; take note that many of these headings may be subdivided by the nationality of the author (e.g., “Horror tales, Canadian.”) This also indicates the language of the item. If the item was originally in another language than English but has been translated, the subdivision “Translations into English” will be added, e.g., “Ghost stories, Breton–Translations into English.” Works intended for children may have the subdivision “–Juvenile fiction.”

You can also access some of this type of material using the alphabetic subject search using searches such as

Alien abduction–Fiction [or –Juvenile fiction]
Hallowe’en–Fiction [or –Juvenile fiction]
Haunted houses–Fiction [or –Juvenile fiction]
Vampires–Fiction [or –Juvenile fiction]
Monsters–Fiction [or –Juvenile fiction]
Mummies–Fiction [or –Juvenile fiction]
Werewolves–Fiction [or –Juvenile fiction]
Witchcraft–Fiction [or –Juvenile fiction]
Witches–Fiction [or –Juvenile fiction]
Wizards–Fiction [or –Juvenile fiction]
Zombies–Fiction [or –Juvenile fiction]

Have fun and don’t stay up too late! And please share your fun by reading to or watching with a friend!