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The Library’s Food Policy

Following the recent story in the Daily Universe there have been some questions about the Snack Zone located on level 3 of the library. Those of use who work in the library know just how long some students spend in the building working on research projects and preparing for their courses. We appreciate that some students share an apartment with 5 roommates and they need a quiet place to study. With that in mind we have asked students who bring snacks into the library to eat them in the designated area that is away from our collections of books and other media. Below is the library’s food policy.

Harold B. Lee Library

To minimize damage to the collection and maintain a clean environment conducive to quiet study, the library has a NO FOOD policy throughout most of the building with one exception:

A “food friendly” commons is located in the south wing of level three where patrons may bring their own cold food and drinks.  Pizza, hamburgers, and similar foods sold in the Wilkinson Center and other outlets are prohibited.  Drinks should be in containers with lids that can be tightly secured.  Food must remain in the food friendly commons and may not be taken to other areas of the library.  Food should be handled in a responsible manner and spills should be cleaned up (with provided supplies) or reported immediately to library staff.

Beverages in containers with lids that can be tightly secured is allowed in all public areas of the Library except:
∙Special Collections reference area and reading room
∙posted areas in the Music/Dance Library

Overnight storage of food in lockers is prohibited.

Occasionally the library sponsors special events which include food service.  The event location and food guidelines are carefully selected and approved by the library administration.