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How Far Is Egypt from BYU?

Egypt is in the news today and we were curious to know how far is Cairo from BYU? The Internet has resources that tell us it’s about 7044 miles, or 11,336 kms. We found it would take about 20 to 22 hours to fly there and it would cost over $1,200. All good to know. But to really see our geographic relationship we needed something better than flat images on a flat monitor.

We went to level 2 of the library where we keep our globes. It was interesting to see the variety of globes on hand. We have climate globes, political globes, and even globes for the moon and mars. There are plenty of new globes along with old one showing countries named Anglo Egyptian Sudan and Italian East Africa.

Our most popular globe is the giant rotating one that several graduating classes in the 1960’s pitched in to buy for the university. In those days the sign welcoming people to BYU declared “The World is our Campus.” Those students took the message to heart. Here in the library we still like their enthusiasm for learning without limits. We’ve set it up so you can access many of our services and materials online from anywhere on the globe with an Internet connection (lib.byu.edu).

If you are into maps we offer computers with GIS applications and we even check out GPS devices to BYU students.