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Sometimes the best book isn’t a book (and it isn’t a digital file either)

Librarians are often asked what the best new book is. We don’t mind, we like books. In fact we have newsletters and listservs where we share ideas about fun new books and great classic books. For example, just this week a librarian suggested  that young readers should look at The Hunger Games series and that science fiction fans might like to read the now legendary Ender’s Game. (Looking back, we see they had a game theme in mind.) The library has both of those books of course. Sometimes however, the thing you need might not be a book, and it might not be one of the many digital resources we are always promoting. Sometimes the thing you need is a good old fashioned slick & glossy magazine. You know the kind–magazines with so much clay in the paper that light bounces right off. Magazines with paper so stiff you know you are heading for a paper cut before you are halfway through, and of course, magazines that you see on newsstands but you know that a student budget wont allow you to buy one, much less subscribe to a year’s worth. Well, don’t worry. You don’t have to choose between food and fashion or destitution and design. You shouldn’t be homeless because you spent your rent on shelter magazines. We have lots of them waiting for you in the library. You can’t check them out, they have to stay in the periodicals area, but that is a very nice place to be.

Periodicals (magazines and scholarly journals)  is located on level 2 of the library. When you walk in the library just go down the stairs you will be standing right in front of it. If you have some free time, or if you just need to clear your head between study sessions, we recommend taking a walk through the stacks to see what you can find. Art, industry, chemistry, and news all share the shelves.