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Hidden Assets for Business, Economics and Designers

The library recently “shifted” the books with H-HJ call numbers. For you civilians out there, that means the business and economics books have a new home in the library. They are located on level 1 right in the center of the building. This change means that there is more room for these important books. Lots of people at BYU study business and economics, so we need lots of books to support their work. It also means the books are now on those cool motorized compact shelving units. This lets us fit more books in the building, but it also means you can’t just wander up and down the stacks looking for good reads.

The Business and Economics subject librarians have a helpful solution. They have installed a set of book racks near the study area in the middle of level 1. The racks highlight the popular books of the moment in a variety of subjects. It is a little like a video rental place. Remember those? There is a paper with the image of the cover of the book and the actual book is in back. If you look closely at the picture you will see that a lot of books are checked out. This has been a popular service and we’ll take a moment to remind you that if you see a title you are interested in you can put a hold on it and we’ll let you know when it is checked in. You can also suggest books we should include in our collection.

So, that explains the hidden assets for business and economics students, but what about designers? Well, if you know the library you understand that the Humanities Department on level 5 has thousands of design books. It is a great place to do research, but the H-HJ books on level 1 have a few surprises. If you are interested in studying some of the greatest design work of the 20th century first hand, may we suggest you look at the corporate reports in the library.

These publications showcase state-of-the-art design, in their day, along with work by top artists and photographers. A good example is the Chrysler Corporation Annual Reports from 1959 through 1964.

In the same area you can find a book on H.C. Beck’s work for the London Underground. Beck, though not a household name, created an iconic work that influences millions of people each day.

We invite you, regardless of your major or field of study, to take a moment to discover the hidden assets the library holds for you on level 1.

You may find stock items that do little for you.

Or you mind find some simple surprise that will take you in a new direction.