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Different Is Good

When you walk into the library you should know that we have tried to provide you with everything you might need to succeed with your research projects for courses here at BYU. But what if you are working on something different? What if your research is taking you in a new and exciting direction and we don’t have the books you are looking for? What if you need an article from a scholarly journal that fall outside our large but not comprehensive collections? Well, don’t worry. We are ready for you. Our library has a very fast and responsive Interlibrary loan office (ILL) that can obtain books from other libraries and can source articles from around the world and deliver them to you in electronic format. ILL lets you make the Harold B. Lee Library into just the library you need it to be.

If you are a BYU student or a member of the faculty visit https://illiad.lib.byu.edu/illiad/ill.html and log in. We’ll get to work on your project right away.

ILL options include:

Book Chapters

Conference Papers




Media Items


Music Scores

If you are looking for something else feel free to ask.