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Mountains of Work To Do

This time of year it can feel like there is a mountain of school work hanging over you. Projects, papers, presentations all have deadlines that are rushing your way. The library staff understands. We have been there. Here is our advice. Take a moment and plan ahead. Think about which subjects you need help with. We have support for you in the form of subject pages with links to the best resources that will impress your professors. Beyond that we have a great team of special subject librarians who can help with research for your toughest classes. Traditionally these librarians have degrees in library science as well as advanced degrees in specialized fields. They have taken their share of tough classes just like you.

If you need help with projects then stop by the Media Center on level 4. They have a Multimedia Lab with computers and applications to support a wide variety of creative projects. They offer classes, advice, cameras, tripods, and more.

Starting April 4, we will go to extended hours from 7:00 am to 2:00 am so you can have a quiet place to study away from home, roommates, and TV, as well as access to print materials in our collections.

We hope that with your hard work and our support you’ll finish the semester with good grades and the satisfaction that you conquered the mountain.