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Archive: March, 2011

Fast Service!

The library can deliver all sorts of services and research tools. How do we do it so fast? Watch this video. http://www.youtube.com/hbllproduction#p/u/0/ldx1f8j7y6Q

New Video from the People Who Brought Us New Spice

The library’s Multimedia Team have released a new video they made to promote the L. Tom Perry Special Collections. We hope you enjoy it. Here is a link. http://www.youtube.com/hbllproduction#p/u/0/GIUiH3PNOAE

Its raining again, time to curl up with a good book

We keep thinking that it is just about spring–and then it rains again. That’s okay, one of the best things you can do in life is find a good book to read in a soft chair while it rains outside. It feels even better if you are reading to avoid studying for finals, but we …

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A Precious, Mouldering Pleasure

We think Emily Dickinson would be happy with the new small case exhibit on level 1 of the library. Curator Maggie Kopp invited her students to find wonderful books in the stacks of Special Collections. They returned with an impressive collection of authors. The exhibit is titled “Leading Ladies of Herstory” and it includes works …

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The Library is Changing. The Library Has Always Been Changing.

One of the senior librarians commented recently that they were happy they wouldn’t have to deal with all of the changes that new librarians would face in the next decade or two. The new librarian they were talking to thought that was a funny comment. His view was that the big change already took place …

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Ring Ring: I Heard That. In Fact We All Heard That.

The library is both a public and a private place. It is open for people to walk in and study, but you can hide away in a study carrel if you like. It is public so you can meet in collaborative groups on level 3 or study groups can find some privacy in the group …

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We Have a Chair Because We Care

About a year ago one of the library administrators was talking to a group of students about possible services the library could add. One of the students, we’ll call him Joe, said what he really liked about the library was the quiet. It turned out that Joe, who was a very successful student, was getting …

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Violas and Volts-The Library Can Help All Kinds of Students

Tonight Hong-Mei Xiao will perform in the Madsen Recital Hall.  Xiao is a violist who is acclaimed worldwide. Each year a violist is invited to play at BYU  in honor of William Primrose who was one of the world’s premier violists. Primrose grew up in England, stduied at the Guildhall School of Music, played in …

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