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Archive: April, 2011

New! Free Language Program

The library is offering a free language program to students, faculty, and staff. Anyone on campus interested in learning one of the dozen or so languages in this program can log in and start learning a language for free. The system is called Tell Me More and you can access it through the library’s home …

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And You Thought 80s Music Was Old

It’s okay, you can admit it. Almost everyone has a little bit of 80s music on their mp3 player. If you think that is old we have something positively medieval. Really, we’re not kidding. The library just scanned a medieval manuscript that contains some of the oldest music in our collections. You can see it …

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Art In The Library

As you walk through the library you will notice that we have a variety of art. There are sculptures in the entry way and on level 2 of the atrium. Many study areas have art on the wall and there are dedicated exhibit areas throughout the building. One of the largest areas is the Auditorium …

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5000 Books

The library has been scanning books and adding them, not only to our own growing digital collections, but to the Internet Archive as well. We recently scanned our 5000th book Saito Musashi-bo Benkei: Tales of the wars of the Gempei, being the story of the lives and adventures of Iyo-no-Kami Minamoto Kuro Yoshitsune and Saito …

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We’re on Facebook

If you want to stay up to date on the library news you can join us on Facebook. Become a fan of The Harold B. Lee Library at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Harold-B-Lee-Library/31458233565. We’ll see you there. You can also follow us on Twitter just look for HBLL. (Be careful how you type that.)

Easter Egg Hunt

How many eggs are in the library? To be honest, we’re not sure. If you mean actual chicken eggs the number is limited and probably drops just after lunchtime.  If you include the L. Tom Perry Special Collections and their ostrich egg then it is over half a dozen. But if you include books about …

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You Never Know Who You Will See In the Library

The library is a big rambling building. The center section is 50 years old. The south part was built in the 1970s and the north part, the part that is underground, is just eleven years old. Actually the building appears a lot newer. We attribute that to the outstanding upkeep that physical facilities provides and …

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Hanging By a Thread

Back in the day, and we mean back in the 1300s, authors didn’t have software to drop motion effects into their blogs. So, when a scholar wanted to share an idea that required motion they used what was at hand. In this case a thread. This early science book features a volvelle or revolving disk. …

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Time For Treats

Snack Night Every now and then the library staff likes to surprise the hard working students who are preparing for their finals. Last night, just after midnight, the library staff wheeled a cart full of nuts, fruit snacks, and cookies into the snack zone on level 3 of the library. We hope our little surprise …

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Crash, Burn, and Rise Again-It’s a Reading Day In the Library

We’ve all been there. You work hard all semester and then you try your best to fit just that much more studying into a few reading days. The library tries to help by offering extended hours, we’re open until 2:00 am tonight by the way. You can do your part as well. If you are …

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