Easter Egg Hunt

How many eggs are in the library? To be honest, we’re not sure. If you mean actual chicken eggs the number is limited and probably drops just after lunchtime.  If you include the L. Tom Perry Special Collections and their ostrich egg then it is over half a dozen. But if you include books about eggs and pictures of eggs, including eggs as metaphors, and films with eggs such as the Egg and I, then the numbers just keep going up. (We will resist any obvious jokes about libraries and eggheads, though we do have over 90 items on Adlai Stevenson* for political history buffs.)

If you are finished with finals we’ll give you a little challenge. We know of six eggs in plain sight in the library. Have fun searching.

Here is a pretty big clue…

* According to the Oxford English Dictionary, which is one of the many dictionaries that  BYU students and faculty can access for free through the library, in 1954 “Mr. Stevenson‥said‥‘Eggheads of the world, unite—you have nothing to lose but your yolks.’ ‘Eggheads’ is a derogatory description for intellectuals in America.”