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Archive: April, 2011

It’s Movie Night!

The library is very proud of our film series, but today is a reading day and we don’t host events on those. Still, sometimes people need a break. If you are one of those people–one of the people who worked hard and studied all semester, your papers are written and your projects complete–it might be …

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50 Years Ago Yuri Gagarin Went Into Space.

Today people are living aboard a space station. If you are interested in space we have resources from engineering databases to photography books on the topic. If you are really interested we even have old microforms from NASA. Stop by the science desk on level 2 to start your exploration of space in the library. …

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Follow The Civil War Through The Deseret News

The library has copies of the Deseret News going back to dates before the civil war. This week the L. Tom Perry Special Collections is setting up a small case display of original materials related to the civil war along with stories from the Deseret News. Today you can see original photos of New York …

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We’re A Little Bit Famous Today

The library loves music. We have a great Music and Dance Library. We have a music area where we play classical music to help students concentrate and now, thanks to Vocal Point, we (the library) are in a music video. Thanks guys.

We’re All Business–and Economics, Accounting, and Management

If you are serious about business, accounting, economics, or management there are librarians who are ready to work with you. They have organized great collections of electronic resources and books. Leticia Camacho and Andy Spackman also run an award winning blog featuring business news. As you take on tougher assignments we invite you to visit …

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Everyone Loves Films, But Who Takes Care of Them?

Everyone loves a good film. The library has a wide range of films and videos from early black and white shorts on reels to modern Blu-ray disks. We have a Documentary Film Series and the long running BYU Motion Picture Archive Film Series. Tonight the library is showing The Devil’s Brother (1933), starring Stan Laurel …

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One Million Patrons and Counting!

Today the library celebrated the one millionth patron visit for the year 2011. Ethan Geisler, a Mechanical Engineering major, entered the Harold B. Lee Library just before 11:00 am and by our count became the one millionth patron to enter the building since January 1, 2011. University Librarian Julene Butler was there to welcome him. …

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What Should A Librarian Be Like? Meet Betsy Hopkins.

If you imagine a librarian as a person who loves to read, who likes to learn new things and share them, and someone who is willing to help all the students and faculty who need assistance then you are in luck. The library has just such a librarian in Betsy Hopkins. Click here to watch …

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Who Can Help With History? A History Librarian.

Some people love history and some people don’t. If you love history the library has thousands of items–books, journals, databases and images–available for students and faculty to use. But what should you do if you are one of those people who isn’t so sure about history? May we suggest you see Dr. Albert Winkler. Dr. …

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Meet Our Librarians: They’re Like Kids in a Candy Store

Why are librarians so Happy? Because they love books, because they love life, because they love learning, because they like to share, and because the library is the place you can put all that together and it’s your profession. Today we’d like to introduce you to  Richard Hacken. If you are interested in European literature …

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