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We Get It–Almost Anything You Need

The library has a great Inter library Loan office (ILL). If you need a journal article or a book that is not in our collection we will do our best to track it down and get it to you. With digital systems we can deliver an electronic copy of an article to your in box in record time.

Recently people have wondered what the most requested books journals are. The library works with an organization called OCLC. (OCLC used to be an acronym, but now it is just accepted as a name, though if you need  full name you can call it the Online Computer Library Center–but almost nobody will understand who you are talking about.) OCLC recently posted their list of most requested items. It was interesting. The top serial is Personality and individual differences and the top book is The Help.

While our library subscribes to hundreds of journals, if you need an article from Personality and individual differences you will need to contact our ILL office and they will be happy to help you. If you need a coppy of The Help we have that in our collection (we have 6 in fact). It is checked out today so you’ll want to put a hold on it so you can get it when it is checked in.

If you are curious about other top requests at OCLC the entire list can be found here.