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Archive: May, 2011

Free Movie Friday–Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

This Friday, May 20, the BYU Motion Picture Archive Film Series will provide a special screening of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Starring Jean Arthur, Jimmy Stewart, and Claude Rains, this 1939 film is one of the all time greats. The film will be shown in the library auditorium located on level 1 of the …

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What Makes a Library Big?

In 1929 the now legendary librarian S. R. Ranganathan organized a symposium and published an influential essay by Rabindra Nath Tagore, the National Poet of India. Tagore asked the question “What makes a library big?” and that question is even more important four score and a few years later. In Tagore’s day a library could …

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We’ve Got Mo’ Books Than The Moa

The BYU Museum of Art is always doing interesting things. Right now they have an exhibition titled The Matter of Words that features books. We are very impressed. It is an interesting show. People have commented on the geologic aspect of the book installation in the exhibit. (We confess that work reminds us of some …

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The World is Our Library

The location of the library used to be a simple fact. There was a building with books inside. It had a mailing address, and it appeared on the campus map with coordinates like G-11. Today the library is a lot more like the balloon in the picture above. Depending on what information you are looking …

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Restructuring The Accounting Lab

For years there has been an Accounting Lab way down at the south end of level 1 in the library. Students liked it because it was quiet. With all of the work going on in that area, there has been a lot less quiet and we’ve appreciate the patience the students have shown. The library …

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Mind the Gap. Digital is Old and Digital is New but Books Fill in the Middle.

The Harold B. Lee Library has a vast collection of information available in digital formats. We provide online access to many of the latest scholarly journals and databases. From our own collections we have scanned thousands of old books, diaries and small items such as early French political pamphlets (from 1547) and letters from Philip …

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No, You Can’t

Yes, we know what day it is. And no, you cannot stage lightsaber duels on the concrete beams in the library atrium. We appreciate your enthusiasm and your imagination, but NO. First, there are some pretty clear safety issues with the idea. Second, we do not see any similarities between our atrium and the Mustafar …

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We Found an Amazing Book

Look closely at the page above. Those aren’t pictures of fishing lures. They are fishing lures. The book they are in is titled W. Blacker’s art of angling, and complete system of fly making and dying [sic] of colours : illustrated with plates shewing the difference processes of the fly before it is finished, giving …

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Asahi Shinbun-We’ve Got That

The archives of Japan’s oldest paper are available online to BYU students thanks to the effort of our Asian Studies Librarian and a helpful grant. You can read more about it in the Daily Universe at http://universe.byu.edu/node/15707. See it for yourself at http://database.asahi.com/library2e/