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Why Do We Make Videos?

The library has a growing string of videos, from the Scholar Lee videos, the the viral New Spice video and the more recent Jimmer videos. There is a good reason for the videos. We need to teach a wide group of patrons about some very specialized services. For example, for years our librarians have worked to promote the scholarly databases and journals that we provide. The range of topics is as wide as the range of majors on campus. If we promote Engineering resources the people in Theater Arts won’t be interested. If we promote Asian databases people in the field of accounting won’t be interested. But our multimedia team came up with a way to promote the concept of reliable resources to everyone. Our goal is to make everyone aware that we can provide the service they need, when the need it.

You can view most of our videos at www.youtube.com/user/hbllproduction

FYI: The promotional videos are only a small portion of the multimedia team’s duties. They spend most of their time recording events and lectures.