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Archive: July, 2011

Thomas Jefferson, the Qur’an, and the Harold B. Lee Library

There is a lot of talk in our community about the ideas held by the founding fathers of the United States. As a library we’re not taking sides, we’re just pointing out that some of the early leaders of our nation were very well read. Thomas Jefferson, for example, owned a wonderful library. One of …

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Ask a 9th Grader What Our Library Should Be.

Here in the library we have a lot of experience with printed, visual, and electronic resources. We think we have as good an idea as anyone else about where future scholars will get their information. We think that digital resources will play an increasing role in scholarship and that is why we provide so many …

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The King James Bible

The year 2011 marks the 400th anniversary of the first printing of the Bible translation known as the King James, or Authorized, Version. In late august the library will open a new exhibition titled, The Life and Legacy of The King James Bible: Celebrating 400 Years. Visitors to the library will be able to get …

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If You Could Study Anything, What Would it Be?

Quick, right now, ask yourself “If I could learn about anything would it be?” While you are thinking, consider this, sometimes people pick a major because they think it will help them get a job. Sometimes people take courses  because their friends are taking them or they want to tell their parents they are studying …

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50 Year Rule

During the great depression of the 1930s the United States government sent photographers out to document the conditions across the country. By 1944 the depression was over, the nation was at war, and few people wanted to look at images of hard times. The Library of Congress knew about the collection of images and brought …

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Money Money Money

The L. Tom Perry Special Collections on level 1 of the library are marking the anniversary of the Civil War by displaying items from their collection. Today they have Civil War era money on display. You can see it in room 1130 of the library.

Do We Have a Room of Requirement?

No, yes, well, sort of. The library has hundreds of rooms. There are the large study areas where you could almost play football if you don’t mind the shelves, and the columns, and getting busted by the University Police (Note, we don’t allow football in the library). There are specialized rooms like the auditorium, the …

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How can the Library Make MyBYU Better?

You may have heard that BYU is replacing Route Y system with MyBYU. When you visit MyBYU you have the option, under settings, to add content. If you click on the “Academics” category you’ll find that the library has taken the lead in providing new content for students and faculty. You can add an applet …

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Which is bigger, your family or our resources?

Just how big is your family? If you made a list of all the members of your family would it be longer than our list of genealogy resources? We offer hundreds of resources and most people can’t name hundreds of relatives. But then here is the cool part, if you use our resources you may …

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The story of our sarcophagus

The Daily Universe ran a story about our library’s sarcophagus. You can read it here. Now is a great time to see our sarcophagus. It is usually kept in the Ancient Studies room located on level 5 of the library. The Ancient Studies room requires a code to enter and it is used for advanced …

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