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Which is bigger, your family or our resources?

Just how big is your family? If you made a list of all the members of your family would it be longer than our list of genealogy resources? We offer hundreds of resources and most people can’t name hundreds of relatives. But then here is the cool part, if you use our resources you may be able to find hundreds of family members and then you will take the lead. And you know what? We are okay with that.

Click here to see our list of resources.

Click here to see our Family History Library page.

Or, better yet visit the Harold B. Lee Library’s Family History Library in person. It is located on level 2 of the library, that is one floor down from the floor where you enter the library. If you like it you are in luck because not only is the Family History library open any time the main library is open, the Family History Library is even open on the 2nd and 4th Sundays for genealogy classes. We also have a big staff or professionals and volunteers who can help you. It doesn’t matter if you have never tried to do genealogy before or if you have worked for years and need help with a tough problem. We have people who want to help.