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If You Could Study Anything, What Would it Be?

Quick, right now, ask yourself “If I could learn about anything would it be?”

While you are thinking, consider this, sometimes people pick a major because they think it will help them get a job. Sometimes people take courses  because their friends are taking them or they want to tell their parents they are studying something that sounds impressive. Now, think about the answer to the question above. You might have said medicine, or hieroglyphics, or dance, or pottery. We have no idea what topics you might find fascinating that fall outside your course of study. And you know what, we don’t care. We’re happy to help you learn about almost any topic.

Consider this, right now, while you are in school, you have free access to more information resources than you will ever have again (unless you become a professor). So come on in and learn about whatever interests you while you have the chance.