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Archive: September, 2011

Learning to Sail in a Digital World

Life online is a jumble. E-mail, tweets, instant messages, news, sound bites, video clips, blogs, status updates, rush before our eyes. Printed books offer an escape. You know what a book is when you pick it up. You know that the words you start reading will be the words you finish reading. They will be …

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Conference Quotes

This weekend is General Conference. It is a great time to learn. The library has a helpful tool to help you learn more about subjects discussed in conference or to help you find talks that influenced you. We have the conference quotes system. Just visit http://lib.byu.edu/confquotes/ and enter the search terms that interest you.

More Than Little Women. Louisa May Alcott in Springville.

BYU’s Bethanne Andersen was chosen to create the illustrations for a new children’s book  titled Louisa: The Life of Louisa May Alcott. The book was written by Yona Zeldis McDonough and published by Henry Holt & Co (ISBN 9780805081923). This week many of the original illustrations from the book go on display in the Springville …

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