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Constructive Avoidance Behavior

Back in the 1980s two graduate students* at Brigham Young University coined the phrase “Constructive Avoidance Behavior.” This is the time in the semester where many of our students practice Constructive Avoidance Behavior. A classic scenario is a student who, facing a long day researching a topic for a paper, chooses to clean the oven, …

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Mr. Lee’s 24 Hour Library

  Suppose you are reading a book in the middle of the night and you come across the name Aldus Manutius. How would you learn more? Certainly you could get a quick update through a variety of web sites*, but you can get even more through the library even if the building is closed. A …

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Matthew Mason to Speak

    Join us this Thursday at 2:00 pm in the library auditorium located on level 1. Matthew Mason will present The Civil War and the Blueprint for Modern America.  

Robert Sabuda is coming to BYU

Robert Sabuda, the New York Times best selling book creator will be coming to the Harold B. Lee Library on September 26. He will speak at 2:00 pm in the library auditorium on level 1 of the library. Sabuda is sometimes called a “paper engineer” but he says that is just a fancy title for …

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Voices of the Civil War: Evidence and Artifacts

“Our Country, our country — who would have ever of thought — that we would have seen such times.” (Letter from Gavin Drummond Hunt to Mary D. Craig, May 9, 1861) The L. Tom Perry Special Collections of the Harold B. Lee Library is installing a new exhibition titled Voices of the Civil War: Evidence …

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This Summer the Library is Highlighting Our Yellowstone Collection

  Yes, we have the travel bug, and there is no better symbol of summer travel than Yellowstone National Park. Over the last few years, the library has expanded its collection of Yellowstone materials and we now hold one of the top 5 collections. The collection includes books, ephemera (flyers and pamphlets), and a lot of …

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We are Wired

A few years ago we were all about bragging how the library was wireless. You could access our databases and digital collections anywhere in the building and you didn’t need one of those ethernet cables to do it (those were so 20th century). Now we are going on about our wires as though they are the latest …

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Geospatial Technologies Connect You to the World

The Harold B. Lee Library has just opened a new exhibition that shows off our amazing collection of geospatial technologies. The library has had a great map library for some time. We have one of the best collections of printed maps in the area, but our new exhibition, “Geospatial Technologies Connect You to the World,” illustrates the many ways …

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Love Your Library Week

Welcome to the rundown for Love Your Library Week. This is the week where we thank all our friends who visit us. It is also a great time to explore the library if you have been putting it off since you were accepted to school. We’re having several drawings for $50.00 gift cards. We’re offering …

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Book Collecting Is Back

It is almost time to sign up for this year’s A. Dean Larsen Book Collecting Conference. The web site and registration page should be live in a few days. You can learn more about past conferences at