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Suppose you are reading a book in the middle of the night and you come across the name Aldus Manutius. How would you learn more? Certainly you could get a quick update through a variety of web sites*, but you can get even more through the library even if the building is closed. A few years ago we created an exhibition on Aldus Manutius and there continues to be an online version on the web. Sure, it looks like a product from the 90s, because it is. But it is still a great way to learn more. the best part is that once you’ve learned enough online you can visit Special Collections and continue your research with the actual books.

What ever topic you are interested in chances are that the library has a robust collection of materials that will support you research. Best of all, most of the best resources cost money to access. They library makes these resources available to you.

http://lib.byu.edu/digital/ This link will take you to materials in our library that we have digitized.

http://lib.byu.edu/cgi-bin/SubsUtility/dbresources.pl This link is for faculty and students who have 24 hour access to our great collection of databases.

http://sfx.lib.byu.edu/sfxlcl3/az?param_perform_value=searchCategories And this link connects you to a list of journals that people at BYU can access.

* If by chance you looked up Aldus Manutius and his press on Wikipedia you would learn one of the best places to learn about him is at BYU.

If you want to know more about Aldus Manutius, click here http://lib.byu.edu/exhibits/aldine/