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Y-Read 2014: Summer Reading Returns With Short Stories

Y Read 2014

Y-Read, the library’s summer reading program, returns this year with a new twist. We suggest you try one of the library’s many e-book systems. We know that reading online differs from traditional books and we’ve found that selecting short stories is a good way to make the experience enjoyable.

Y Read 1

To kick things off we are recommending the works of H. H. Munro (who also used the nom de plume of Saki). Saki/Munro wrote short stories that always end with an unexpected twist. His works can be found through a number of our e-book systems. Munro also volunteered to serve in the army during World War I, so reading his works will give you some insight into the literature of the day as the library prepares to mark the 100th anniversary of the Great War with an exhibition starting in late August.

Y Read 2

Saki/Munro’s short stories and hundreds of others are available though the library’s e-book page http://lib.byu.edu/books/. The various e-book providers each offer their own unique systems for content access. You can read some titles on your mobile device, such as a Kindle, iPhone, or Android. You can also access e-books through your computer or you can visit the library and read on one of the hundreds of computers in our building.

If you don’t already have a preferred e-book provider we suggest you start with Overdrive. (The library also provides access to ebrary, EBSCO, Project Gutenberg, the Internet Archive, Springer, and more.) Overdrive offers many popular titles, but if you click on the box for “Additional eBooks Always Available” it will take you to the public domain titles where you can search for Saki/Munro’s work.

We hope you enjoy our great collection of e-books. Let us know what you think about Y-Read though our page on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/byuhbll


To access our Overdrive system click on the e-books link on the home page.

You will need to log-in (Use your campus log-in).

The Overdrive page looks like this.

Y Read 3


Scroll down to the Additional e-Books icon and click on it.

Y Read 4

Search for “Saki” or  H. H. Munro (Saki works best).

Choose your title and download the book.

Y read 5