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Mentored Research Poster Collection

Mentored Research Display

The Harold B. Lee Library is exhibiting a collection of Mentored Research Posters selected by colleges and schools across campus. This exhibition highlights a wide variety of mentored research conducted last year on the BYU campus.

The posters in the exhibition cover topics ranging from cell signaling to reading intervention. There are posters on web authentication, the Hubble Space Telescope, marriage, and more.

The exhibit has three goals:

  1. To highlight the best examples of mentored research from a wide variety of colleges and schools on campus.
  2. To provide students and faculty interested in participating in mentored research an opportunity to view the types of mentored research that occurred across campus last year.
  3. To provide insights to faculty and students for potential cross-discipline mentored research opportunities.

The exhibition is located on level 2 of the library in the hallway leading towards the Family History Library. It will run through the month of September. Students and faculty are invited to tour the exhibition. It is open during all library hours and admission is free.