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Hymns and Hymnbooks of the Restoration

A new exhibit on the Foundations of the Restoration is on display now in L. Tom Perry Special Collections. The title of the exhibit is ‘My Soul Delighteth in the Song of the Heart’: Hymns and Hymnbooks of the Restoration, and items on display include a copy of the first LDS hymnbook produced by Emma Smith and William …

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Journal Cancellations and Retention

Research libraries across the country are reducing the number of journals they subscribe to as the high rate of inflation for scholarly journal titles has outpaced available funding. The Harold B. Lee Library is no exception. While the library has been able to sustain its subscription base longer than many institutions, the time has come …

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Activities for Archives Month

Wednesday, October 12th, 2:00 – 4:00 pm, Special Collections Classroom Meet the “Candy Bomber” Gail Halvorsen Come meet Gail Halvorsen, aka the “Candy Bomber”, who was featured in the film Meet the Mormons.  He will be signing and giving out a photograph reproduction from his collection. Artifacts from his archive will be on display, including …

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Got Homework? Start Here!

Start your research off right by going to the library. As soon as you have an assignment follow the map pins to any help desk where friendly people are ready to help you learn more about your assigned topic. Science, Humanities, or other fields are no problem for our skilled librarians and highly trained staff. When you need …

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Comics & Mormons

Harold B. Lee Library’s newest exhibition, Comics & Mormons, documents how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members have interacted with comic arts over the past 70 years. The library is displaying the most complete copy of Stories of the Book of Mormon, by Phil Dalby. Dalby started this work in …

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We’ve Got Your Number

The library recently added the Statista database to 0ur collections. Statista is one of the world’s largest statistics portals with access to relevant data from over 18,000 sources. You can find in on the New Electronic Resources page. This service can help you research and present information in new ways. We invite you to give in …

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100 Years of National Parks

Get close to the history of America’s National Parks by learning about the people who cared for them. The L. Tom Perry Special Collections has a exhibition featuring items from park rangers including photos, notebooks, letters, and scrapbooks. There is even a uniform complete with the quintessential Smokey Bear hat. Along with the materials from park …

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Coming Soon: Comics & Mormons

You might be surprised how many Mormons are involved in the world of comics. Later this summer the library will open a new exhibition featuring comics from the L. Tom Perry Special Collections. We will even provide a comfy reading couch and sample comics. Stop by level 1 of the library beginning Education Week.

Smart + Fun

Have you ever seen a person climb the side of a skyscraper using vacuum cleaners? Did you know there is a WiFi enabled water glass to help old people stay hydrated? What do you know about the growth in the Korean pet food market and the development of wearable tech for dogs? If you enjoy learning …

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Fashion is in Style at the Library

Over the last year the library has hosted two exhibitions on fashion, one on Rose Marie Reid and one on headwear, and we have loaned items from our collection to Salt Lake Community College for their exhibitions. There is no question that the fashion industry is a growing topic for research. The library provides students and …

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