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CID Studio: Call for Proposals

Did you know that there is a teaching space in the Harold B. Lee Library dedicated to fostering creative thinking to solve problems? The Creativity, Innovation, and Design Studio provides an environment for students across all majors and backgrounds to collaborate with each other, as well as with faculty and subject librarians, to efficiently come up with solutions for today’s societal problems.

The Creativity, Innovation, and Design Studio is currently accepting applications from faculty interested in teaching in the space during Fall 2017. Strong applicants will have an interdisciplinary course that is design-focused and can be integrated with any of the subject librarians, who will be assigned to the course based on the nature of the problem being studied. The CID Studio features design-friendly furniture, break-out rooms, expanded prototyping materials, and two new 85” flat panel displays.

Apply here to use the CID Studio. Once your application has been processed and accepted, the CID Group will assign a subject librarian to your course and arrange an introduction, as well as provide a brief orientation to working with librarians and using the CID Studio. The application deadline to teach in Fall 2017 is Tuesday, August 15.

Questions? Please contact Rick West (rick_west@byu.edu), Associate Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology; Emily Darowski (emily_darowski@byu.edu), Psychology Librarian; or Elizabeth Smart (elizabeth_smart@byu.edu), Humanities & Media Librarian.