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Spin Some Vinyl on National Record Day

Records. There is nothing quite like listening to a good oldies album on vinyl. Thanks to records, we have progressed to music as we know it today. On April 19th we will be celebrating National Record Store Day (which is actually the 21st, but we have finals… oh well!) On the 3rd floor of the library we will have a record player set up with various records for you to play with! Stop by between classes or take a study break to listen to albums like the Beach Boys, Foreigner, and more!

Did you know we have an entire room with over 136,000 records on the 4th floor? Just go up to the music and dance area on level 4 and ask the person sitting at the help desk. They will be happy to show you how to use the record players and search the collection.

Get excited as well for our exhibit coming May of next year (2019) entitled “Wax, Shellac, and Vinyl” an exhibit all about records! Just consider National Record Store Day a little sneak peak of the amazing things to come.

Happy listening!