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An Invitation for Youth Groups, YSA, and FHE Groups

People planning uplifting activities for young women & young men groups, family home evenings, and YSA Ward activities will find support from BYU’s Education in Zion Gallery and the Harold B. Lee Library.

Here are 3 activities you can fit into one evening.

The Education in Zion Gallery has a popular exhibition titled “Jesus Wept: Emotions in the Scriptures.” The exhibit looks at the wide range of emotions found in the scriptures and the way they impact our lives. There are interactive activities that will entertain and educate you.

On level 2 of the Library, just inside the Periodicals Reading Room, there is a newly installed case designed to both protect and display a first edition Book of Mormon. The case features smart glass that hides the book from damaging light but at the touch of a button the glass clears and can see the book up close.

On level 1 of the library, just inside the L. Tom Perry Special Collections, the library’s largest exhibit space is hosting “A Pillar of Light: Celebrating 200 Years of the First Vision.” Visitors are greeted by new art created by painter Tony Sweat. His work incorporates elements from multiple accounts of the first vision into one image. The exhibit includes significant books and documents about the vision and its impact on American religion and scholarship. Visitors are invited to share the impact of the vision on their lives and read how people in Provo felt about the vision a century ago.

The Education is Zion Gallery, located on the east side of the JFSB, is open late on Wednesdays (9:00 pm). Other evenings by appointment.

The first edition Book of Mormon is viewable during all regular library hours (7:00 am to midnight Monday through Friday).

The L. Tom Perry Special Collections is open late Monday through Thursday nights (9:00 pm).

The public is welcome and admission is free.


For more information please call Education in Zion at 801-422-6519, or Special Collections at 801-422-3175.