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Summer Classic Film Schedule

The library is celebrating science fiction this summer with three films that highlight the special effects of their day.

All films start at 7:00 pm in the library’s Alice Louise Reynolds Auditorium on level 1.

Admission is free.

June 14


With over 30 Godzilla films to date people still hold up the original as the best.

In an unusual move for the Library Film Series, we will be screening the original version in Japanese with English subtitles.

Many people grew up watching the export version of the film with English dubbing and the addition of a Hollywood star, but the original film is the one we think people want to see today.

Directed by Ishiro Honda.


96 minutes

Japanese with English subtitles.


July 12

Fantastic Voyage

A decade after Godzilla, Twentieth Century Fox made a new style of science fiction, one that looked at inner space.

A brave rescue team agrees to be miniaturized and injected into an injured scientist. His only chance to survive is surgery carried out inside his brain.

Bright colors and amazing practical effects dominate the screen.


101 minutes


August 9

2001: A Space Odyssey

A legendary film with special effects that still look great decades later, 2001 continues to influence filmmaking to this day.

The library will screen a newer restored version with the audio formatted for modern sound systems.

Only two years after Fantastic Voyage, this film took effects to a new level.


149 minutes