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The Library’s Food Policy

Following the recent story in the Daily Universe there have been some questions about the Snack Zone located on level 3 of the library. Those of use who work in the library know just how long some students spend in the building working on research projects and preparing for their courses. We appreciate that some …

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Facebook and Research

Long ago in virtual time (which is a few months in real time) the librarians at the Science Reference Desk on level 2 of the library created the first BYU Facebook page*. Soon after, the library followed up with the Harold B. Lee Library’s Facebook page. Today there are a number of Facebook pages associated …

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Library Facebook Page Now Offers Search Tool

If you’re on Facebook you can become a fan of “The Harold B. Lee Library.” Thanks to the efforts of our staff you can even search library resources from our Facebook page. So next time you are on Facebook we invite you to give our new ScholarSearch feature a try.

Need to see the Inauguration?

Our Government Documents Librarians keep you in touch. They just sent out a quick link to the White House blog. If you want to see a recording of the inauguration one should be posted soon. http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/read_the_inaugural_address/ If you need more information on the government or on governement publications visit the Government Documents area on level …

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