Firefox Toolbar

The Firefox browser (from Mozilla) has gained popularity because it is capable of extensive customization. Using this capability, the library has created a toolbar for Firefox that will allow you to perform several different types of searches directly from your Firefox browser. Here is a complete list of the features available in the toolbar:

  • Direct access to the following library webpages:
    • The library homepage
    • Contact information
    • Step-by-step research guides
    • Library hours
    • Floor maps
    • Group study room reservations
    • My account (renew books online)
    • Interlibrary loan (borrow materials from other libraries)
  • Directly search the library’s resources:
    • Search multiple databases simultaneously (including the library catalog)
    • Search Google Scholar
    • Find journals
    • Search only the library catalog
  • Directly link to BYU resources:
    • Route Y
    • Blackboard
  • Search the library catalog using
    • Perform a library catalog search directly from (will automatically insert a link into’s record of a book)

Screenshots are available and the toolbar itself can be downloaded from Mozilla’s Add-ons page or directly from the blog. It is available for all platforms that support Firefox 1.5 and above.

Please let us know what you think about the toolbar by commenting on this post. Any suggestions or bug reports would be greatly appreciated.

Download the Firefox Toolbar