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Winter Film Schedule 2024

The library offers various films.

Curator Ben Harry presents Archive Classic Films. These films are projected using 16mm film that is part of the BYU Motion Picture Archive. He also presents restored films.

The Library Film Series screens classic films often using the latest restored digital version.

All films are shown in the Alice Louise Reynolds Auditorium located on level 1 of the BYU Library.

Showtime is 7:00 pm and admission is free.


February 9

Wagon Master

BYU Motion Picture Archive presents our Winter semester ARCHIVE CLASSIC: A screening of WAGON MASTER (1950)

Featuring a special presentation by Dean Duncan of the Media Arts Department.

Legendary Western director John Ford took a break from filming John Wayne classics in Monument Valley when he heard about the amazing story of Latter-day Saint pioneers settling the Moab area. Filmed near Moab, come see this Hollywood portrayal of Utah and church history with an engaged audience, meaningful introduction, and vintage celluloid projection.

This is part of the statewide celebration in 2024 of filmmaking in Utah.



February 16

Hobson’s Choice

Sir David Lean was widely considered one of the most important figures of British cinema.  Known for his epic films including The Bridge on the River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, and A passage to India. The Library Film Series will screen one of his earlier films from 1954, Hobson’s Choice, a comedy/romance.

When businessman Henry Hobson wont let his daughters date or marry they find a way to solve the problem.


March 8 & 9

Restoration Showcase

2024 marks 100 years of filmmaking in Utah.

Curator Ben Harry will screen four newly restored films that were made in Utah.

March 8: Festival of Restoration: PaceYourself (1979) and ­The Phone Call (1977)

March 9: Festival of Restoration: Mercur, Utah: The Town That Can’t Stay Dead (1983), and In One Blinding Moment (1980)



March 22

The Miracle Worker

The story of Anne Sullivan, and her work tutoring Helen Keller.

Starring Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke.

Nominated for 5 Academy Awards.

Bancroft won for Best Actress and Duke for Best Supporting Actress.



April 12

Treasure of the Sierra Madre

A tale of gold and greed.

This 1948 film was the first time a father and son won Academy Awards, Walter Huston for Best Supporting Actor and John Huston for Best Director.


May 10

The Glenn Miller Story

Each May we celebrate James Stewart’s birthday by screening one of his films. this year we’ve selected the life story of band leader Glenn Miller. One great feature of this  film are the cameos by musicians who performed with Miller.