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Byugle Brings Video To Your Computer

Byugle Now Available to Students and Faculty

What is Byugle?
Byugle is a powerful new media player that allows universal campus access to videos needed for educational purposes. Byugle makes media access easy and efficient for faculty and students and unlike other products does allow full screen viewing. Byugle can be accessed by going to http://byugle.lib.byu.edu or from the Harold B. Library homepage by clicking on Find Other Materials, CDs, DVDs, etc., BYUGLE- Video Streaming.

How can faculty use Byugle?
Byugle  allows faculty to show video clips in class without having the media and equipment hand delivered to the classroom, Videos can be set up ahead of time to play only the clip needed by the professor and a specific link can be used to access this clip. Videos can also be bookmarked and organized into playlists. Faculty members who want to add content to Byugle can take the media to the production unit on the 6th floor of the Harold B. Lee Library along with a completed information form. As Byugle moves forward, this process will be completed online.

How can students use Byugle?
Byugle gives students to access required classroom media content anytime without having to view it in the LRC or other assigned viewing locations. Students can access Byugle from any campus computer, or a personal laptop if the students installs a plugin.  Students can also use Byugle to watch additional videos they are interested in, such as the “Joseph Smith Lectures” or even the LDS classic “Johnny Lingo.” Like faculty, students can bookmark videos they want to save and organize them into playlists.