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Temporary Food Trial in the HBLL

(January 22, 2010)- With a suspicious look in their eye, students across campus try to carefully smuggle  in their donuts and dots, past the wary eye of security. However, they can now discard their sly ways as the Harold B. Lee Library is sponsoring a temporary snack zone experiment  in designated areas of the library.
“Students have shown their desire to have food in the library for years,” explains Roger Layton, Communications Director for the library. “However we did not want to jeopardize the condition and treatment of our books and other resources.”
As a compromise, the library will temporarily allow food in the new No-Ssshh zone on the south side of the third floor.  If the trial goes well food may be a permanent fixture in this area.
Certain regulations will apply in order to maintain the pristine condition of the library and the comfort  of its occupants.  Food that has a disagreeable odor or a likelihood of spilling may not be permitted, in addition to food that may otherwise affect the studying of other students.  Drinks should be in containers with twist on lids. The area will be monitored as to ensure the proper adoption.
Food other than small bite sized snacks is still forbidden in all other areas of the library. Students may inquire at the circulation desk or reference desks regarding questions of this new policy.