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Ring Ring: I Heard That. In Fact We All Heard That.

The library is both a public and a private place. It is open for people to walk in and study, but you can hide away in a study carrel if you like. It is public so you can meet in collaborative groups on level 3 or study groups can find some privacy in the group study rooms. Some things are very private. Your circulation records are your business and are guarded from public view. Some things are not private, your ring tone for example. Recently a library employee was walking through the Snack Zone on level 3 when  a really loud ring tone was heard.  It was a very perky popular song. A student rushed over to his backpack to silence his phone but it was too late, everyone had already heard it. The ring tone was public, but there were a lot of private smiles in the room.

Sorry students, we can respect your privacy when it comes to what you read, but when it comes to ring tones you are on you own. May we suggest setting your phones to silent or vibrate when you enter the library.