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Proposed Library Café Menu

The proposed library café, Puertas del Sur, aims to enrich the palate just as effectively as the library’s art collection feeds the eyes, the music collection feeds the ears, and the engineering collection feeds that really serious and organized part of the brain that most of us lack.

Menu Items:

Old Man and the Seafood Salad

Catcher in the Pastrami on Rye

A Million Little Pieces of Salad

For Whom the Bagel Tolls

A Clockwork Orange Juice

Heart of Dark Chocolate Cake

The Ox-Bowl of Soup Incident

As I lay Dying for Ice Cream

Things Fall Apart-French Dip Sandwich

Look Homeward, Angel Food Cake

Pride and Prune Juice

Robinson Croutons Salad

Like Water for Chocolate Milk

The Lord of the Fries

A Portrait of the Sandwich as a Young Spam

All Quiche on the Western Front

Frankenstein of Root Beer

The Joy Luck Club Sandwich

Marx Extra Crispy Fried Chicken Manifesto

The Origin of Life Cereal

Long Day’s Journey into Thin Crust Pizza

A BLT Named Desire

The Poetry of Robert Frosted Flakes

The Canter-Berry Smoothies

Sir Gowain and the Green Salad

Much Ado About Muffins

A Modest Proposal for Scones

Rhyme of the Ancient Cheese Platter

The Charge of the Light Dressing

Little Doritos

Women in Love with Cheesecake

Waiting for Good Omelets

The Roll Not Taken

A Day No Pigs Would Die Veggie Loaf

A Light Snack in the Attic

Go Tell It on the Mountain Dew

Tess of the Johnsonville Brats

Doctor Chimichanga


War and Peas and Carrots

The Glass Meringue Pie

Bird by Bird Chicken Nuggets

Cold Mountain Spring Water

Nectar in a Sieve (served with a courtesy cup)

Hamlet and Eggs

Flatland Soufflé (Crêpes)

The Green Mile salad bar

To Grill a Mockingbird

A Separate Piece of Pie

Following an extensive study, the librarians have determined that many university courses can be supported online through the use of the library’s collections of e-books, electronic journals, and scholarly databases. Unfortunately, none of the library’s digital initiatives have resulted in a satisfactory electronic alternative to traditional analog food. As a result there will be no e-café option on the library website at this time. The library will collect patron feedback on the proposed menu through April 1, 2011.

If you are interested in a sampler of other offerings in the library that will be in place after April 1, please click here.