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We’ve Got Mo’ Books Than The Moa

The BYU Museum of Art is always doing interesting things. Right now they have an exhibition titled The Matter of Words that features books.

We are very impressed. It is an interesting show. People have commented on the geologic aspect of the book installation in the exhibit. (We confess that work reminds us of some librarians’ offices–only neater.) We’ve heard that 100,000 books were used and we’d like to remind our patrons that it is art and not a contest. You can’t touch the art. And while you can touch our books, you can’t use our books to make art. That said, we wonder how big the exhibition would have been if artist Adam Bateman had 4 million books?

From their web site: “The Matter of Words: Adam Bateman, Harrell Fletcher and John Fraser will be on view from Friday, April 8 through Saturday, Nov. 26, 2011, in the Arlene Harman Gallery on the main level of the museum. Admission to the exhibition is free.”