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Fisheye vs. Fish Eye

It can be tough to find something in the library. When you are just starting out you may not even be sure what you are supposed to be looking for. Your research efforts may feel more like a fishing expedition than a well planned scholarly project. Try as we might to make things easy, there are so many ways to look at things and name things that it can take a little work to find what you need. To be fair, the internet with meta searching services and all of the digital collections we provide access to only add to the difficulty. Keywords that you think would be an easy thing to search with might take you into a variety of disciplines with materials separated by several floors in the building or lead you to web sites that are useless for your research.

For example, if you are searching for information on the term “fish eye” the computer doesn’t know if you are looking for information on fish that swim or if you are looking for information on photography. Perhaps you are into classic films and you want to know more about a cinematography technique or a prop in a movie.

Or you might even be looking for a gilded book cover.

If you are having trouble with searches we always invite you to talk to a librarian, or if it is late at night and the library is closed (or if you are just sitting someplace comfortable and you don’t want to walk over to the library) we suggest you try one of our research tutorials. The advanced research tutorial is a good place to start. Good luck, and good fishing.