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Super Searching is Easier Than Ever

The Search box at the top of the library home page has gone through dramatic changes over the last few years. What was once a handy search tool for library collections has been developed into a remarkably powerful search system that reaches out to find you information on all aspects of the library. Electronic resources, printed books, library services, and information to connect with subject librarians can all be found through the library search box. Today the library released the 10th generation of the search tool.

Try it out and see for yourself what it can do for you.

Two new improvements for serious researchers include:

Advancements in looking for key words in context, https://search.lib.byu.edu/byu/search?set=all&q=mom+aunt+tree

And the new alphabetic browse available through the advanced search option, https://search.lib.byu.edu/byu/browse

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