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Library Construction Update

The library is constantly working to improve the user experience for patrons. We’ve learned that many students prefer to study where there is natural light. After looking at all the options, from moving stacks to digging window wells for the lower levels (that’s not going to happen), we found the most effective change we could make was relocating library offices and work rooms away from the windows on level 3. This process took several years. First we relocated our circulation services into the center of level 3.  We also consolidated our Library Information Technology (L.I.T.) team into one space on level 2. We then unified and relocated our conservation lab and book repair studio and moved them into the space formerly used by L.I.T.

Right now the plastic lining the hall on level 3 is protecting everyone from the construction going on as we prepare to open a large study area filled with natural light next fall.

The construction teams do their best to work on noisy jobs early in the morning or other times when there are fewer people in the building.

If you are interested other library changes you can visit the south end of level 2 of the library, near the Science/Technology area, where new lighting and glass panel group study rooms have been installed.