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Mini Scores: A lot of little things is still a lot

Mini scores have nothing to do with a good round of golf, or that terrible day in high school gym class when you got the lowest bowling score in history. (I swear there was something wrong with those pins.) No, mini scores are little books of brilliance. They are the same music that you will find in regular music scores, but in a handy portable size. They are also called study scores and miniature scores. They let you study music anywhere.

Just because they are called “mini,” don’t think you are missing out on anything. While some scores are indeed small, little more than pamphlets, others can run over one thousand pages. Some even offer extra commentary on the scores inside that the full size scores lack. And of course, all the music you need is included. It’s just smaller. Don’t think for a minute that these are abridged scores that only use 44 keys on the piano or make you sing within one octave. It’s not like those funny abridged novels your grandparents had on the shelf. One more time: these are real scores you can use for serious study.

We have quite a variety of them. For example, if you and your friends have 3 trombones and a tuba you are in luck. There is a mini score for your new brass quartet (Quatuor op.109 pour 3 trombones et tuba / Florent Schmitt).

The mini scores are located on level 4 just to the left of the music help desk.

The green pin marks the Music and Dance Help Desk and the red asterisk marks our great collection of mini scores.