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17 Miracles Film and the Journal of Levi Savage

There is a new film titled 17 Miracles that is getting a lot of press. The film is based on the diaries of Levi Savage. Savage’s diaries are held in the library’s L. Tom Perry Special Collections. The diaries from the 1800s are in poor condition and will not stand up to constant patron use, so the library has scanned them and loaded them into our digital collections. Now they are available for anyone with an Internet connection to read and study. You can start reading them by clicking here, or you can go to the library web site at lib.byu.edu and search for “Levi Savage Diaries.” The library has carefully scanned each page with writing on it and then transcribed the text so you can search for keywords.  If you select the page & text view you can read a typed version of the diaries right next to the scan of the hand written page.