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Music Search page

Lee Library and available externally. The project will prototype an interface proposed by David Day and Janet Bradford. In addition to prototyping an interface, the project will experiment with implementing Keystone, an open source federated search engine. The project will result in a prototype of beta test quality available on the beta test page of …

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Google Search Appliance

Pilot a search capable of returning valid relevance results across all library assets including those “hidden” in databases. Google offers a tool called the Google Search Appliance which enables detailed indexing and searching of content based on the organization’s needs and wants. Currently, Google searches only what is directly visible within a few “clicks” of …

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Making library resources visible from Google

Recent LibQual surveys indicate that on a daily basis, nearly 70% of the survey respondents indicated that they use a non-library gateway such as Google or Yahoo for information. Brian Roberts observed that this is a trend at other major universitites who participate in LibQual, not just a BYU trend. Given this knowledge, the Web …

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Solutions Solicitation

If you’ve ever thought, “It would be great if the library website could…”, then keep reading. We’re taking input for ways to improve our library website. Our goal is to, “Implement new tools, methods, and practices that promote fast and easy information retrieval for students, faculty, and other researchers”. If you’ve got the next blockbuster …

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